Front porch frog legs. 


This is a perfect snack for a fun night with a twist, or just for kicking back and rocking a couple of drinks with friends. Any way you decide to enjoy this dish it is sure to be one that will have you in a wild conversation by the end of the night. Bull frogs are not at all a common species in central Alberta so for that case these legs where supplied from a local exotic meat shop. This recipe can also be used with green frogs but be prepared for more difficult skinning due to the smaller size of the actual frog. Let’s get into it! 




1.    Frog legs 

2.    Onion 

3.    Old bay seasoning 

4.    Butter 

5.    Garlic

6.    Rock salt 

7.    Lemon 

8.    White wine 

9.    Fresh parsley 

10.  Flour 

11.   Garlic sausage (optional) 




1.    Rinse and split your frog legs (pat dry) 

2.    Lightly coat your frog legs in old bay seasoning 

3.    Chop your onion, garlic, parsley, and half your lemons

4.    Get a frying pan settled on medium

5.    Put butter on ready frying pan (no burnt butter) 

6.    Get some flour in a bowl (just enough for a light dust) 

7.    Add your frog legs to the frying pan crisping the flour (roughly 2 mins per side) 

8.    Remove legs to another plate again sprinkling some old bay seasoning on 

9.    Add your chopped vegetables and herbs to the melted butter for a couple minutes and add your frog legs back

10.   Pour a splash of white wine just so that there is nice film covering the frying pan you want to keep the crisp on the frog legs (do not steam) 

11.   Simmer until frog legs are white all the way through and easy to pull a part with fork 

(roughly 10mins) *add sausage coins now if using*  

12.  Squeeze lemon and pinch the appropriate amount of salt to your simmering legs 

13.  Finish dish with some extra parsley   

14.  Serve with ice cold beer or favorite chilled wine. 



Stay wild and stay hungry.