If you want to impress your friends and family with with a 5 start dish but you are only a 3 star cook this is the recipe for you. This venison tataki is not only simple, tasty, and beautiful but it also a great way to start expanding your pallet for different kinds of flavour and texture. Lets get cooking!


  1. Venison back strap.

  2. Vinegar

  3. Onion

  4. Garlic

  5. Oil

  6. Lemon

  7. Green onion

  8. Soy sauce

  9. Sesame seeds


  1. Pat your back strap dry

  2. Heat and oil a frying pan ( high heat)

  3. Sear your back strap on all sides. This should only take a couple minutes you just want a thin layer of seared meat.

  4. create a marinate using vinegar, lemon, garlic,green onion, white onion,and soy sauce.

  5. Using a glass bowl or reusable bag throw back strap in marinate and let set for up to 24 hours.

  6. After 24 hours take out your back strap and roll it in a healthy dose of sesame seeds. save your marinade for later.

  7. Slice thinly

  8. Pour marinade in dish you plan to serve tataki in. If the marinade is to watery strain some out but be sure to be keep the onion and garlic.

  9. Lay your sliced back strap on serving plate and pair with remaining marinade. You can also see with radishes pickles or any kind vegetable alike.

  10. Enjoy!