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I started Wildsidebrand in 2016 out of pure passion for the outdoors and the stories that followed every adventure. Everything about the world seemed wild to me; the people in it, the stories they told, the animals and plants that we walk next to on a daily, everything just seemed so chaotic and perfect. After meeting people from all different walks of life and witnessing the passion they had for their life, I knew that I wanted to be part of it from start to finish.

  Since it was impossible for me to be everywhere at once and I couldn’t possibly hear all the adventure stories I decided to create Wildsidebrand with intentions to share something more something real. It didn’t matter what it was I just wanted to share the world and all the wild in it. Everything from hiking and hunting, to cooking and traveling. I wrote articles about this wild world and shared recipes that were made from harvested animals, told peoples stories and expressed their passions. I just really wanted to create a community of people who related on an honest level that was fuelled by curiosity and passion.  When ever you hear these amazing stories and see these amazing places you are left in shock and you can only truly describe it as being wild. And to me I believe that it is the perfect word.

  My future plans are to keep on doing what I love by sharing all things wild but I really want to get Wildside at a level where it is there when you want to climb your mountains, fly fish the secluded  streams, hunt the prairies, take your family on their first camping trip. We want to be there from the curious ambitions that lead you all the way to the campfire stories that inspire others.