Hunting is such a vital part of the natural world. It allows the circle of life to keep its motion, it has provided the birth of new ecosystems and opportunities for different species, but when it comes to humans and hunting it is often a very controversial topic and is one that is filled with many different shades of grey. With hunting being such a controversial topic at Wild Side we want to talk about the more controversial topic of an already disputed subject “Sport killing.” Not when it comes to humans’ sport killing or trophy hunting, but rather animals sport killing. Yes, believe it or not animals do hunt not just for food or protection but for sport and pleasure as well, and often their tactics are wildly disturbing to say the least. So lets get right into this. Which animals sport kill and why?



There are many animals that kill for sport so lets just talk about a few of them.



            Dolphins have been studied for a long time and for good reason. They’re smart, interesting, cute, and absolutely fucking ruthless. These water mammals that we see as such gentle and empathetic animals are also great at killing, tormenting, and raping. In a 1990’s study scientist found dolphins killing porpoises for no other reason then just pure enjoyment. Since this discovery dolphins activities have been under close watch. Dolphins have been known to kill and rape other dolphins and aquatic mammals, kill baby dolphins freeing up the females mating, and to kill members of other pods and play with their bodies in front of the attacked pod. Oh yeah, they also get high as balls on puffer fish. Yup dolphins have defiantly earned their name “ass hole of the sea”


            Ants are very similar to humans in the way they conquer. Being one of the only other species that goes to war ants will actually enslave their victims putting them to work until death then feeding on their dead bodies, and don’t try and refuse work after capture because you will just get eaten right away. Some ant colonies stretch out for miles conquering any other colony in their path. One of the largest wars on planet earth is one between two ant super colonies, the “California Large” is a colony made up of invasive Argentine Ants and it covers over 560 miles of the U.S west coast and are at war with a nearby Mexican super colony.



            Yes your sweet Mr. Fluffy is a cold hearted killer. Cats are responsible for 1.4 billion to 3.7 billion bird deaths a year in America alone and 6.9 billion to 20 billion small mammal deaths. (these ranges are for feral and non-feral cats.) These cute little serial killers have caused serious problems in eco systems, putting such a large hit in these bird and mammal population they are looked at as a serious threat. We all know how cats kill and display their victim’s carcass and for those who don’t know just imagine a child who draws on the wall and is proud of their art, but instead of a child it’s a cat displaying a colourful mixture of blood and guts on your front porch. So damn cute…



            Ok chimps are freakishly intriguing. They are similar humans, they are smart and showcase similar habits our human toddlers do, but we are not here to talk about how cute and smart they are. We are here to talk about the things you don’t see on M.V.P movies. Chimps are hardcore, vicious tree swinging primates. These crazy chimps will kill, torture, and rape other chimps for no reason at all. They will kill and eat baby chimps right in front of the mother and then rape the mother. They truly are disturbing considering that they are also animals we share such similar qualities with and are looked at as child hood heroes. Ahh nature you cold hearted bitch.



            Just like our Mr Fluffy house cat, lions are very similar. They will sport kill plains animals in Africa and will also kill baby lions to free up the females for mating. Lions are very beautiful and amazing animals. The movies will often portray them as a symbolic hero, but these kings of beasts are purely instinctual and live in the present. Simba could have been eaten just so his old man could get his groove on more time, thank god for Scar..



            Although wolves sport killing is a disputed topic, with some saying no they do not and some saying hell yeah they do, it is often the go to when we talk about sport killing animals. Wolves will often kill more then they need to eat, and for how many wolves we see attacking large game it is actually a rare occurrence and most of these wild K9’S feed on plenty of smaller animals and carcass remains. Some wolf packs have been recorded killing members of opposing packs for no other purpose then just showing dominance. Whether you agree or not on when it comes to wolfs surplus hunting they are a very interesting animals with habits that differ from pack to pack.




That’s right even these vegetarian giants are up to no good when it comes to killing of other animals. In Africa elephants have been reportedly killing and raping rhinos. Yup that’s right these elephants are killing and raping rhinos. Some scientist believe that these elephants are acting out like this due to a lack of male influences in the young bulls life. With no older elephants around to smack them and show them “the way” these elephants are getting a testosterone confidence boost.


 Coo Coo Bird

            These birds are very interesting in the way that they feel so entitled. Coo Coo Birds will fly around until finding another birds nest which then they will throw out the eggs that lay in the nest. Then the Coo Coo will lay their own eggs in the nest then expect the rightful owner of the nest to take care of their eggs… Weird right. Well it gets weirder if the bird who just had their eggs crushed refuse to take care of the Coo Coo Birds eggs then the Coo Coo will attack and destroy the birds nest. Yup these self-centred birds will kill your babies, give you theirs, and when you refuse to take of them they will destroy your home. Awesome.



            These animals are just a few of the many that sport kill and kill for reasons other than food and protection. A lot of these actions are pure instinctual and completely natural. When it comes to humans’ trophy hunting and sport killing, we have separated our selves from our neighbouring crazy killers, a lot of the trophy hunting we see today is for reasons that we can save for a different day. The world is an amazing place and mother nature is an absolute beauty although she is cold hearted and sometimes terrifying its amazing how much we can learn about who we are and relate the things going on in our modern evolving world to what goes on in the natural world. As much as we hate to admit it we are all products of nature and we must never forget that.


Stay wild and stay safe.