SEX! We all know what it is and how to do it. With time moving forward and things always changing how has this very vital and important part of life changed for us humans, if it has at all? This weeks Wildsider is all about sex and how something that comes so natural to every living thing on this planet can also be one the biggest insecurities and dilemmas for us people. How was sex changed and what are the variables on which it changes?


 CULTURE: Culture plays one of the largest roles in the way sex is viewed and how it changes. When sex is thought about as a collective, we must understand that the way sex is viewed varies from culture to culture. Different people from different parts of the world have different views, and the way that sex is viewed is no exception. Culture shapes sex and how we feel about it over the many years it has changed. Its like a roller coaster, with culture being the tracks and sex being the cart and we are the people strapped in all horned up ready for the ride. All over the world people are taught differently on how to feel about sex and even though the principle is the same no matter where you are the views and actions may vary. For example, In Europe people learn about sex early in life and are exposed to many aspects of sex and in a result,  it is normal for a person to have over 100 sexual partners. Compare that to the Chinese, who on average have around 7. And in the Americas numbers vary on a large spectrum due to the major multi cultural society. Our culture and society that we are brought up in play a direct role in how we feel about sex. It is shaped by the movies we watch and the music we listen to, by the stories you read and the people you see. So far on this roller coaster ride we have seen times where sex was very open and was looked at for the natural action it is. We also have seen times where sex is hidden, and our natural urges are looked at as sinful. With a western culture expanding and our ability to connect so well we are seeing contradicting opinions and thoughts putting this roller coaster in what feels like a forever loopdy loop. Culture is huge when it comes to how sex has changed, or how it is viewed, but what is often lost during our obsessions with what is hot or not is the fact that our urges are all natural and what we feel and are attracted to is a mixed product of our biology and social conditions. But we far to often let our brain and peers tell us what we are supposed to find sexy.



PORN:  The world and everything in it was created in 7 days. The internet, and all the porn on it, was created on the 8th day. Humans have always been fascinated with depicting other naked humans. With carvings of big breasted, thick thighed women dating back to 30,000 years ago. Anthropologist say that it is more of a symbol showing fertility rather then being pornography, but it is one of our earliest images of humans showing other naked humans. The ancient Greeks would do full sculptures and paintings showing homosexual threesomes. The Kama Sutra was also an early human depiction of pornography being shared as a manual for relationships and different sex positions. This seductive book that has been rewritten many times and is still as popular as it was back in the 2nd century.  But that was then, and this is now. Today porn is on a whole other level than it was even just 50 years ago. With it being so popular and being so easy to access not only is it changing the way we view sex but how we feel about it too.  Pornography is said to be one of the biggest threats to humans and their personal sex life, with false expectations and immediate urges being met with no self reflecting on trying to truly understand your feelings, it makes sense why many relationship and sex experts say that a healthy mind is a porn free mind.



MEDICATION: Pills like Viagra and Cialis are helping men with E.D keep their bed game strong late in their years. Birth control and other forms of contraceptives are also playing large roles in how sex has changed. Before any kind of pregnancy prevention, it was usually the men who where able to engage heavily into their sexual desires. But now that we have such a large variety of pills and plan A’s and Plan B’s the ball game has changed largely and women are up to bat. It is a great thing that these pills are out there to help the people who want or need them, but it could be that since so many people are having care free sex that they take this important part of life for granted. It no longer becomes the self discovering- reproducing action it was once praised for, but instead it becomes an immediate satisfaction for urges that most people often don’t understand.


So has sex changed? YEEEESSSS. Sex has changed over the years, and with our world always having new fads and culture transformations it is undoubtably going to keep changing. Questions now that can be asked is if these urges that cause attraction and make us seek out to be sexy are for pure pleasure or procreation. What ever it is, one thing we can agree on and that must be understood is that sex is a very important and natural part of the natural world. Sex is taboo with many opinions and outlooks far to often over complicating it, which makes it a touchy subject for most. But at Wildside we like to think that since sex is as natural as anything else that comes to us humans the best way to look at it is keep it natural baby! Don’t fight those feelings, understand them. STAY WILD AND STAY SEXY.