When somebody talks about curiosity what goes through your head? A young child discovering something for the first time? An ambitious student trying to understand what the hell their math teacher is talking about? Or do you think of early explorers and frontiersman going off into the unknown. Maybe you think of a scientist not sleeping for days because he might have found a solution that could save lives.  What ever crosses your mind when you think of curiosity, or what it means to be curious, you probably think that you have a solid understanding on what it is and what it means right? Because “what? it’s simple it’s just being curious right?” Well surprisingly what may be the most important human quality is something we (as people) know very little about.


                So, what is curiosity and what is the little we know about it? Curiosity is so much more than wanting to know something, it is the driving force that has pushed us from cave dwellers to landing a man on the moon. It is the thought of  ”what does this do” that has  brought us from being vulnerable to sickness and infection,  to having the luxury of being able to walk over to our medicine cabinet and take a pill to fight off any sickness that could have once kill us. People show curiosity through many ways like exploration, creativity, and experimentation. Any form of art or any place you visit and anything that you use daily, like all technology to the food in your fridge, are all there because some one was curious. So, what is curiosity? It is basically wanting to know and understand the unknown. The only thing we know for sure about curiosity, and our desire to want to know more, is that we really know nothing. A study coming out of Rochester University shows that curiosity is very important for human willingness and motivation and that when stripped of curiosity (given immediate answers) the subject was often left feeling unsatisfied and depressed. Even if that is all we know so far, I think it is a fantastic place to start, and that information says a lot.


                What does being curious look like today? With living in such a connected and information filled world you think that everything would be fantastic. Well when it comes to curiosity it truly is taking a hit on who we are and where we are going as people. Like stated above in the Rochester University study, when people have their curiosity urges immediately satisfied it leaves us often feeling gloomy. Think about it, some people will spend hours watching the news intaking tons of information and answers on questions they have about certain topics, and I know that doesn’t sound that bad but what is happening is the curious consumer is getting immediate satisfaction and because of that their dopamine is pumping like crazy, getting then hooked, and leaving them wanting more. But often we get so attached to what gives us those immediate answers and satisfactions that we lose our sense of adventure and what it means to truly develop our own experiences and in turn creating a more personal opinion on the matter, what ever it may be. Some psychologists believe that the reason why we are seeing an increased number in depression, ADD, and ADHD rates is because more people are not PROPERLY satisfying their curiosity needs. This is probably why technology addiction is so intense, because our primal curious qualities are being immediately met and always leaves us wanting more. So, with that being said, embrace your curiosity but don’t neglect the journey to get the answers that you are looking for, this well help you learn and appreciate what you are curious about. Which will give you not only a better understanding, but a personal story and opinion on what it is that tickles your fancy.


                There are roughly 7 billion people on this planet and each one of them has a sense of wander about them, a sense of wanting to know the unknown. 7 billion people on this planet and each one of them sharing the same quality. We are all curious and have the ability to do so much more than we think we are capable of. We are all natural born explorers, scientist, and artist. Everyone of us wanting to know what is out there, wanting to know what it is that drives us and how it works. It’s important to embrace these qualities not only in your self but in others, because being curious is being wild and we are all wild.